News December 2016

Habari ya Mikembo – Start of the 2016 school year After a busy, eventful summer break, the new school year started smoothly in Mikembo!   All our sixth grade pupils passed their state exam and the top two were selected for secondary school . Lungwa Bernard is registered at Salama and Kazembe Mulimi Freddy, at […]

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News December 2015

Habari ya Mikembo – End of year 2015  • First trimestre without any particular issue at the school of Kinsangwe. • From mid-November to mid-December, as part of their course of ecology, students from the second to the sixth primary installed a small Albizia Lebeck tree nursery (fast growing exotic plant species). • On […]

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The Star of the Month : Sitatunga

My scientific name is Tragelaphus spekii but I’m also known as marshbuck or sitatunga. My species lives in Central, Western and Eastern Africa. Personally, I am a katangese orphan raised by the Mikembo family. I grow for now at their home with baby bottles and love they are given me. I will return in my […]

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chanterelle en

New Stars 2015

Animal, plant or human being, discover here every month with Fumbo a new living being of the Katanga Region !

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MUK fev mars 15 1

News February – March 2015

Habari  ya  Mikembo Février et Mars  2015   The dispensary works normally with a team that is as motivated as efficient! A small meeting took place on the 6th of February in order to review the operation and we noted a predominance of cases of malaria and anemia.       After a little bit […]

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MUK201410 3

News October 2014

Habari  ya  Mikembo Octobre 2014 Illustrated books They arrived at the beginning of the month ! Very few losse, Phew! The private viewing, which was initially planned for October, will be held next year so that all the parties involved are able to attend. Meanwhile, we started working on the next books, one on mushrooms and […]

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News September 2014

Habari ya Mikembo August and September 2014 We apologize for not sending any news in August, due to unexpected events as well as the lack of stories to tell… We are now back on track J Kinsangwe School Hectic start as we had about 450 appliquants, far too many for our classrooms.       […]

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News July 2014

11-08-14 Habari ya Mikembo Juillet 2014 🙂 Medical material for the community clinic was bought thanks to the financing of the Rotary Club (8.615 USD). The rest will be bought with our own money when needed by the manager. The community clinic is finally finished! And it looks great 🙂 Electricity produced by solar energy […]

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vacs girafe

The Star of the Month July 2014 : the vacations

    Bonjour à tous, j’me présente je m’appelle « Vacances ». Ce mois-ci je suis la star car dans l’hémisphère nord, les grandes vacances qui séparent une année scolaire de l’autre se déroulent en juillet-août et les parents profitent de cette période pour aussi prendre une petite pause à leur travail ! Mon nom […]

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News June 2014

12-07-14 Habari ya Mikembo June 2014 🙂 The first stage of the training in Ecology was a success (GIZ contract). The length of the formation had to be shortened due to the exams but our experts managed nevertheless to fulfill their goal. The second training course will take place in a school « in the bush » […]

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