News June 2014


Habari ya Mikembo June 2014


  • The first stage of the training in Ecology was a success (GIZ contract). The length of the formation had to be shortened due to the exams but our experts managed nevertheless to fulfill their goal. The second training course will take place in a school « in the bush »  in September when the school year starts.
  • Excellent results again for our Kinsangwe school with a 100% success rate at the State Exams.
  • Excellent results too for our high school pupils. Only one girl from Tshondo has to repeat the year.
  • The Kinsangwe community clinic is almost ready. What is left to do is to finish the nurse house and the clinic electrification. This should be done in July. By then, « all » that will be left to do will be to make the access easier and finish with the administrative formalities…
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  • The public fountain placed in the village of Kinsangwe (community clinic project) has a lot of success!


  • No more respect in this world! Here is what one of my sons-in-law bought me 🙂en3