News July 2014


Habari ya Mikembo Juillet 2014


  • Medical material for the community clinic was bought thanks to the financing of the Rotary Club (8.615 USD). The rest will be bought with our own money when needed by the manager.
  • The community clinic is finally finished! And it looks great 🙂

maison 1maison 2

  • Electricity produced by solar energy installed at the community clinic with theprecious help of Mr Vangeli Mantzouranis’s precious help. Everything works perfectly.
  • What is left to do :

–   Lay out the access track and the buildings surroundings

–   Finalize the management contract with the Religious community who is going to be in charge

–   Supply the additional equipment

  •  Schools are on a break… Except for our friend Jackson (english teacher and person in charge of the wells and the vegetable garden) who is looking after the Kinsangwe vegetable garden with love!

maison 3

  •  Visit of the South African Consul in Lubumbashi. He is delighted and could help Mikembo 🙂