November 16: organize yourself a meal to the profit of the NGOs

You can download some material at the end of the article

Dear Friends,

How can we efficiently help Mikembo, who does a magnificent job in Congo ?

This is a question I persistently ask myself! Sparks flew and a brilliant idea was born after much brainstorming with like-minded people!

I have to share this brilliant and friendly idea, which will help the Mikembo Association carry on with their projects and move forward while taking up a new challenge!..

Between November 15th and December 15th, 2013

Imagine 750 people…

Coming together in the four corners of the earth (DRC, Belgium, RSA, Canada,…) in Mikembo’s name and for Mikembo’s benefit.

These 750 guests would meet up for a friendly evening with friends in order to share a good meal!

In order to achieve this…

Would you agree to invite a few friends over and ask them if, instead of thanking you with flowers, chocolate, a book or a bottle of wine, they could make a donation to Mikembo?

Or would you ask them to make a financial contribution towards the meal and give the profits to Mikembo?

By agreeing to do this, you would become an “ambassador” for our Association. It goes without saying that this would make us tremendously happy!

Should the idea appeal to you and should you wish to take up the challenge, kindly book a day and quickly send me an email (marielle@bcollins.be or vananasta@yahoo.com) to say where you would hold your dinner party and how many guests you would invite… our Internet site www.mikembo-mukini.org will provide us all with a beautiful way to keep up with the progress of the challenge and with useful information on how to organize the party (examples of invitations, table mats, presentation of the Association…)

Should you not wish, or be able to, be one of our ambassadors, kindly be our messenger and forward the information to your friends and acquaintances.

We thank you in advance from the bottom of our heart!

If you wish to be part of this project, you can download the file raclette (click) that contains the following materials that will help you to decorate your table, inform your guests and to raise some money.

– Some informative placemats


– A piggy bank to gather the donations of your guests