News May 2014


Habari ya Mikembo May 2014

  • On the 8th of May, we signed a contract on «environmental education in the Katanga Province» with the GIZ (German cooperation). Our experts have started to train teachers in one of the schools in Lubumbashi. They will then go to the village of Lubanda (beginning of September) in order to train the teachers of this school situated at the edge of the Kundelungu Park. It is a real success for Mikembo which has been involved with the protection of the environment in Katanga for years.
  •  On the 24th of May, a big soccer game took place between the teams of Mikembo and of the Belgian School. Great atmosphere and victory of our team: 8-0. Congratulations to all the players!

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  • The Ordinary General Meeting of the NPO Mikembo took place on that same day in the new Ecology room. About twenty members were present or represented.


  • The comic strip “Miombo Richesse méconnue” is printed! Thanks to Marielle and to Jacky Bracops who was kind enough to transport them, we received five copies of it. It looks great. Let us hope that it will be useful!


  • Our school is equipped with solar panels for the functioning of the Ecology and Computer rooms.


  • We visited the NPO « Grandissons ensemble » which manages a complex including a day-nursery, a primary school and nursery nurses’ training school. We want to congratulate the team, particularly Madam Milambwe, Director of the establishment, for their amazing work!
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  •  We are facing a tick infestation at the Sanctuary. Not very nice friends! They transmit numerous diseases to humans and animals, of which Lyme disease. This disease, considered as rare, is growing rapidly in Europe. =>  See the star of June for more details …

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