News October 2014

Habari  ya  Mikembo Octobre 2014

Illustrated books

MUK201410 1

They arrived at the beginning of the month ! Very few losse, Phew!

The private viewing, which was initially planned for October, will be held next year so that all the parties involved are able to attend.

Meanwhile, we started working on the next books, one on mushrooms and the other one on trees.



God willing, and more specifically Abbé Crispin (who is in charge of the management agreement), the inauguration wil take place on Friday, 28th November 2014.

A Rotary Club representative, Mrs Marine Issumo visited it in order to check on the progress report.

MUK201410 2


Katumba School

The school is about to reopen, fingers crossed! Our Schoolmaster is in charge of checking the info…


Kinsangwe School

Attendance amounts to:

–          352 pupils in kindergarten

–          55 pupils in primary school

–          22 pupils in sewing school


The double shifts are working out quite well. Collecting the school fees, on the other hand, is proving tedious; on November 1st, we had collected 88% of the money due for October. One thing’s for sure: our work load has increased tremendously !

Eating time is even nicer now that our kindergarten sweeties can enjoy their mush on brand new little tables, in the school yard!

MUK201410 3

Hooray for outdoor workshops! Here, with Mr Potato Head :

MUK201410 4

Kienge School

431 registered pupils and Mikembo’s participation settled for the 1st trimester (970 USD).


High school

37 registered pupils and only 41% of the school fees collected, due mainly to poor organization.



22 sponsored pupils in primary school and only 1 in high school. We really need to find additional sponsors…