The Star of the Month : Sitatunga


My scientific name is Tragelaphus spekii but I’m also known as marshbuck or sitatunga.
My species lives in Central, Western and Eastern Africa.


Personally, I am a katangese orphan raised by the Mikembo family. I grow for now at their home with baby bottles and love they are given me. I will return in my natural environment as soon as I’m old enough to fend for myself.

I am a semi-aquatic antelope that lives in swamps, in wetlands and in papyrus and reeds marshes. My legs are adapted to my habitat; my clogs are highly elongated, thin and spaced, which reduces the depth to which they penetrate; and the joints of my legs are very flexible, which is handy if on unstable soils. I am a very good swimmer.


Young individuals are red, adult males have long gray dark brown hair while females are reddish tawny. Our faces, ears, cheeks and body are marked with white spots and stripes.
Males (measuring on average 1m high) are bigger than females and have a thin mane and beautiful spiral horns.



After about 8 months of gestation, Mama Tatu gives birth to a single young that will be protected and concealed for many months.
I live for about twenty years.
I am active both day and night.
As much as I am very skilled in marshy areas, so I’m slow and clumsy on dry land.
I eat grass, aquatic plants (especially flowers) and fruits. I know how to feed myself even when I am immersed in water. Personally right now I enjoy hibiscus flowers and roses from the garden. 
I am genetically so close to the Pongo that our youngsters survive in captivity. And it is difficult to distinguish me from the nyala except from our coats and clogs.
When I am hunted I can immerse myself in water leaving only my nose and eyes off the water.