News December 2015

Habari ya Mikembo – End of year 2015

• First trimestre without any particular issue at the school of Kinsangwe.

• From mid-November to mid-December, as part of their course of ecology, students from the second to the sixth primary installed a small Albizia Lebeck tree nursery (fast growing exotic plant species).


• On the last Saturday before the holidays all the children received cookies for Christmas offered and distributed by Mag and Betty from Utamu.

Some small videos of the day on the following link (paste the link into your browser)  :
The school of Kienge has opened with 7 classes (two classes of 1st grade) and a total of 409 students!

• Medicines were sent at the clinic of Kienge.

• Flash visit of the German Ambassador and his wife at the Sanctuary mid-December: Flash because he learned upon arrival that his 6:00PM CAA flight to Kinshasa was canceled so he had to fly at 12:00AM … this is only postponed as he promised to return early 2016 (fingers crossed for a possible assistance to our NPO).

• Visit from professors of the Universities of Ghent, Kisangani and Lubumbashi to study the morphological variability of mycorrhizae according to soil variables. The team has collected from the Sanctuary, some samples of soil and roots to analyze in their laboratory and is thinking establishing experimental devices in the field. The particular interest in Mikembo Sanctuary is due to its wild natural vegetation that has been very little or not at all disturbed.


• Making of an excellent summary document presenting the association. Thank you Sefia!

• In November, the 50th baby of the clinic of Kinsangwe was born!!!

• Participation at the Christmas Market of the Private Belgian School of Lubumbashi. The articles produced by our sewing section had a great success. Congratulations to Mag and thank you to the team (Nathalie, Caroline, Betty, Mag, Van, Sefia and … Evan!) who prepared and managed the stand (the most beautiful stand of the market!).


• Welcoming late November of a few days old Sitatunga (or Marshbuck). Thanks to a lot of attention, love, and care, Tatu is doing well and growing fast!


• A big thank you to Woluwe-Saint-Lambert for their generous support of 3000€!

• Katumba school still closed.

• Malaria cases on the rise again at the clinic with the return of the rainy season.