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The Star of the Month June : the Tick

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News May 2014

 05-06-14 Habari ya Mikembo May 2014 On the 8th of May, we signed a contract on «environmental education in the Katanga Province» with the GIZ (German cooperation). Our experts have started to train teachers in one of the schools in Lubumbashi. They will then go to the village of Lubanda (beginning of September) in order […]

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The Star of the Month April : the Bird Snake

My name is thelotornis capensis, also called african twig snake or bird snake. I’m close to the boomslang. I have horizontal pupils, shaped like keyholes, which is quite rare among snakes. This gives me a good binocular vision. Binocular vision helps to precisely evaluate distances, which is important for species like me who move amongst […]

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The Star of the Month February 2014: Barn Swallow

My name is Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica rustica). It comes from the fact that I nesting in buildings such as barns or stables. In French, I’m also called « Hirondelle de cheminée » (which means “Chimney’s Swallow” because I often build my nest in chimneys. I’m very small and weigh only 20 gr. As strength lies in […]

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The Star of the month December 2013 : Tente

My name is Amanita loosi Beeli, commonly called ‘tente’ (pronounced  tèn-té). Those who don’t know the local language often call me ‘Tintin’ but do I look like Tintin to you? I’m sometimes called ‘Christmas mushroom’ because I come out in December. I like the hot and rainy weather from December until February, that’s why I’m […]

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The Star of the Month October 2013 : meet Fumbo

I might not be the prettiest but I was chosen to represent the Mikembo and Mukini Associations and I’m proud of it! I symbolise the Katanga bush quite well: beautiful, discreet and tough. Solitary and  tenacious, I see my projects trough without bragging. If you wanna know more about me please visit open my ID […]

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